Saturday 14. March 2015

Northern Lights sighting: Garðskagaviti (pink eye on map)
Time of sighting: 23:14
Duration: until about 00:30 when it clouded over again

In a team of two Land Rovers we drove out of Reykjavík in the pouring rain. The skies were black, the outlook was bleak. The day had seen the worst storm Iceland had in several years. But we had hope. We had spent the afternoon analyzing cloud forecasts, magnetic observations and satellite images as well as chatting with the Met office. We decided the chance of sighting was good enough to validate a night out with the group of 12. Read more

Wednesday 11. February 2015

With 6 people from USA, UK and Denmark tucked away in the Land Rover we optimistically drove out of the city. The sighting-chances were 50/50 but the following days looked worse, this was our only chance. In the Eyrarbakki area we found a clear sky and shelter behind an old farmer’s shed. The sky was clear, the stars beautifully bright… but not a Northern Light in sight! Read more

Artists Paint an Entire 757 into Northern Lights

Dressed in the beautiful colors of an Icelandic winter landscape, Icelandair’s aircraft Hekla Aurora flies the Northern Lights across the Atlantic every day of the year. Not only is the Boeing 757 wrapped in this exquisite livery, but in addition, Hekla Aurora’s interior is illuminated with beautiful one-of-a-kind mood lighting recreating the fabulous display of the Aurora Borealis. Read more

Sunday 1. February 2015 – Fireball

It was Josephine’s birthday. Her new husband, Saher, had brought her to Iceland as a surprice, she had always wanted to see the Northern Lights. They had tried to go the night before but sighting conditions were bad and none of the companies were going. They were leaving the country the morning after, this was their last chance and the forecast said 50/50. Read more

Wednesday 28. January 2015

Unlike our cheerful guests from Portsmouth, Aurora started out quietly this evening. For the longest time the lights softly draped the sky in a green arc. While waiting for the lightshow to pick up the pace we explored the planets around us; Jupiter, the Moon and Orion Nebula. We also looked for Lovejoy, though unsuccessfully.

Nearing the end of the night Aurora suddenly pulled the curtains, literally, putting on the flickering lightshow we had all been waiting for. We believe the photos say it best: Read more