Here is a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
Let us know if you don’t find the information you are looking for.

General questions

The best way to book is to complete your booking online. You can see a booking module on each tour page that is bookable online. There you can select your date, number of travelers and pay securely with a credit card. If you can’t find the tour you are looking for on our page, feel free to contact us via phone +354 780 6766 or drop us an e-mail,
The best and most secure way to make payment is to book online and pay with credit card as you confirm your booking. If you are booking a package and/or something that is not available on our website, we can send you a payment link that will lead you to a secure payment page whre you can enter your payment details.
Generally not. For day tours or shorter tours, your full payment is required in advance to complete your booking. If you are purchasing a bundle of tours or for other reasons would prefer to pay a deposit that may be arranged should you request it.
We quote and charge in Icelandic króna (ISK). In cases where we quote a customers local currency, it is done for added convenience. in case of currency rate fluctuations, the ISK quoted price holds valid. Prices in your currency might vary slightly depending on the conversion rate set by your card issuer.
Some of our tours require a minimum of two persons to operate. Feel free to contact us if you wish to book a tour on a date that still has not reached the minimum of two. We will do our best to work things out with you.
Yes we do. For such inquiries feel free to contact us via phone +354 780 6766 or drop us an e-mail,
It is good practice to have insurance that covers the activities you intend to be doing while traveling. This is particularly important when doing adventure tours. So while it’s not mandatory, we do recommend it.
Cancellations made by customers do carry fees ranging from 10% to 100% if cancelled with short notice. The cancellation policy is clearly presented in the booking process and customers are required to accept these and other terms and conditions. The general terms and conditions are accessible on our page by clicking here.
In any case where we cancel your tour, say for example due to weather, the customer is eligible for a full refund. Note that this does not apply for cancelled tours that were not paid for (such as free re-runs for Northern Lights tours).

Northern Lights & Stargazing tour questions

We wish that were possible but unfortunately it’s not. Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and when hunting for Northern Lights one needs to rely on two types of weather forecasts, local earth weather forecast and space weather forecast. Weather forecasts can never be 100% accurate all the time.
No, far from it. We cancel tours when we don’t sincerely believe ourselves that there is a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Our cancellation rate is just over 50% (based on data spanning over three years). A good idea for visiting aurora hunters is to plan your trip so that you have a chance to reschedule in case of cancellations.
We follow weather forecasts, developments and data closely throughout the day. We make our decision based on this information as late as 6.30 pm the same day. We send all our booked guests an e-mail no later than 6.30 pm confirming if we are going ahead with the tour or not.
In cases when we do go out for a tour and don’t see Northern Lights, either because of clouds or if they simply do not show on an otherwise clear sky, you are offered unlimited free re-runs valid for two years. Please check your voucher or the Northern Lights & Stargazing tour page for detailed information on this and how to book a free re-run. The free re-runs have to be pending availability and that there is a tour going. Under no circumstances is there a refund, partial or full for a non-sightings tour.
Yes. If you book a re-run it is the exact same type of tour with us.
Tour start depends on daylight hours so pick up times vary as follows:
1. Sept.-30. Sept.: 9-9.30 pm
1. Oct.-15. March: 8-8.30 pm
16. March-15. April:9-9.30 pm.
Please be ready outside your selected pick up place during this half hour.
We can pick you up from anywhere within central Reykjavik city. Choose your hotel from the pick up list or type in a street name and number for Airbnb or other accommodation. If you don’t know if your address is in the city centre we’ll be happy to help. If you are staying outside the centre we can help you figure out where to meet us and how to get there.
 It’s during the dark months of the long Icelandic winter. We start September 1st and close April 15th.
Not really. As long as you are here during the winter months. (September 1st and close April 15th.)
 It varies wildly and there are no guarantees with regard to the “quality” of the lights.
We rely on weather data from the Icelandic Met Office for cloud cover forecasts as well as doing our own satellite image analysis to see if they corroborate the forecast data. We cancel the tour if we don’t sincerely believe that we will see the Northern Lights.
 No, that would mean that we’d almost never go out. Most often we are working with partly clear skies or chasing holes in the clouds. The level of cloudiness, we deem acceptable, depends on the forecasted activity level. I.e. it can pay off to go out in relatively cloudy conditions if activity is high.
Yes we do. For such inquiries feel free to contact us via phone +354 780 6766 or drop us an e-mail,
Based on data from beginning of winter 2014 we cancel just over 50% of the time due to weather (i.e. we don’t believe chances of sightings to be high enough). Of the times that we do go out, our sightings rate is 90%.