Iceland from Above - Adventure Flight in a Tiny Aircraft

The Flying Buggy

Flight instruction
Aerial Adventure
Volcanic terrain
Tiny Islands of Reykjavík
Bird Spotting
Photographic Heaven
Optional Adrenaline Kick
Take the ‘wheel’

The Flying Buggy – Adventure Flight Experience

This is the ultimate adventurous introductory flight over the stunning nature surrounding Reykjavík. The aircraft is a two-seater, slow flying “Ultralight” aircraft, able to fly low over the ground. The wings are overhead and the windows open fully, giving you a perfectly unhindered view of the ground below. Be prepared for an unparalleled experience and photographic view! You will go in tandem with a fully qualified and experienced Ultralight Aircraft Instructor.

You will experience: the joy of flight and pure feeling of freedom only a tiny aircraft can give, coastline skimming, up-close mountain soaring, bird spotting. Your aerial view: the vast Atlantic ocean, Reykjavík city and it’s tiny islands, rugged mountains and the geothermal area producing the steam giving Reykjavík it’s name (Smoky Bay). Adrenaline moves, optional: aerobatic stomach-churning moves (if that’s your cup of tea); wing-overs, tight turns. If conditions allow you might get to take the wheel (joystick, actually).

We recommend this introductory flight as a great way to experience the freedom of flight and the beauty of Reykjavík, Iceland from above. From a unique point of view, with a local free flight instructor.


Introductory flight: 15-20 min. Including transport from Reykjavík: 60-90 min.  

Departure time

Pick up, if selected, starts 30 min. before your booked time. Self driving meet-up point: Heiði.

Price per Person

Introductory flight: 45.000 ISK.
Pick up, in Reykjavík: 5.000 ISK.


Freedom of flight, rugged geothermal landscape surrounding Reykjavík.

Group Size

No minimum. Please contact us for large groups:


Under 18 years need parents written permission. Weight: 20 – 110 kg.


15-20 min. Introductory Ultralight flight with certified instructor.

What to wear

Comfortable clothes.

In-flight Photography

Bring your own camera and/or use our GoPro Hero10.


The Small Print. First lesson of aviation: due to weather changes we can never guarantee a flight. If we need to cancel your booking because of weather you can either re-book for another try or choose one of our other introductory flights. Due to how fast the weather changes in Iceland we can never guarantee a flight. If we do not manage to get you airborne during your stay in Iceland, you will receive a 100% refund.

An Ultralight Adventure Flight (Flying Buggy) is a legitimate Introductory flight operated by licensed and experienced Ultralight Instructor pilots.

Tour specific Terms & Conditions
(To be viewed as an addition to the General Terms & Conditions):
Customers will be required to sign the following waiver on site, before acitvity:
The undersigned, here after referred to as „Student“, agrees to these terms and conditions by Happyworld ltd. (,,Happyworld“). The student further commits to follow all instructions from instructors on this introductory flight/course. The student also commits to reading these terms carefully and ask Happyworld staff for clarification should something be unclear
The term „Sport Flight“ in these terms and conditions means all flight related courses/services that Happyworld offers its students and is conducted on light aircraft.
The term ,,Light Aircraft“ in these terms and conditions means paraglider, hangglider, ultralight, microlight, glider/sailplane and paramotor.
These terms and conditions cover all services and courses offered by Happyworld, including Sport Flight and driving to and from course location. These terms and conditions also cover services rendered by Happyworld sub-contractors.
Course description
The course objective is to offer the student an introduction into sport flying and operation of light aircrafts. The Student will be introduced to the basics of aerodynamics, aviation, weather, and security aspects of operating light aircraft. This course is not sufficient to prepare a Student for flying on his or her own.
Happyworld instructors are all licenced as such by relevant authorities via local clubs that in turn operate in accordance with Icelandic aviation authorities and the World Air Sports Federation (FAI).
Informed participation:
It is solely the responsibility of the Student to decide to partake in Sport Flight activities and the student alone is responsible for his or her decision to do so.
By signing this document, the Student confirms that he/she chose to take an informed decision to partake in sport flying with Happyworld and that he/she alone can be held responsible for that decision whether it is flying alone or with an instructor. Further, the Student confirms that he/she understands and accepts that all flying activity, Sport Flying included, carries with it inherent risks of injury or death.
Obligation to disclose of diseases:
The Student is obligated to disclose of any diseases, both mental and physical, that might impair the Student’s ability to partake in the introductory course. If in doubt the Student should consult a doctor. Happyworld instructors may choose to cancel the course at any moment should they deem it unsafe for the student to fly due to reasons of health.
By signing this document, the Student confirms that he/she is sufficiently healthy both mentally and physically to partake in the course in question.
The Student is responsible for injuries and or damages
The Student is responsible for injuries and or damages that he/she may suffer or cause to others during this course.
By signing this document the Student confirms that he/she is solely responsible for injuries or damages resulting from accidents or incidents on this course, be it property damage or bodily injuries. This applies to accidents or incidents that happen on the ground, on take-off, during landing and in flight.
By signing this document the Student confirms that neither he/she or his/her relatives will under no circumstances take legal action against Happyworld or its instructors or other staff members because of injuries, incidents or damages that the Student might incur on this course and do not derive from culpable conduct of the before mentioned parties. This also covers accidents that lead to fatal injuries to the student.
Happyworld urges Students to have a special travel- and accident insurance that covers Sport Flying but that is not mandatory to partake in Happyworld courses.

In acceptance to all articles above, the students confirms by signing his name.

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