Lovejoy in Iceland

Fyrsta myndin af halastjörnunni Lovejoy frá Íslandi! 

Stjörnuáhugamaðurinn Jón Sigurðsson tók myndina í gærkvöld frá Þingeyri.

This is the first picture of Lovejoy seen from Iceland. Stargazing enthusias Jón Sigurðsson took it last night in Þingeyri. The comet can easily be seen through handheld binoculars, so imagine how well you’ll be able to explore it through our 9.25 inch semi-professional digital telescope.  Read more

The Night Sky – January 2015

For stargazers and Northern Lights hunters, January 2015 will be a very exciting month. Combining stargazing via powerful telescope with your Northern Lights hunt is sure to deliver a lot more memorable experience. Read on to see what’s up with the planets, meteor showers and deep sky phenomena in the coming month. Read more