Saturday 28. February 2015

2 4×4’s
2 guides
1 mega telescope
12 hopeful sky explorers
3 litres hot chocolate
30 kleina‘s (Icel. plural: Kleinur)

Northern Lights Hunt
The cloud forecast was clear, the day had been clear, the Aurora forecast was strong. We had high hopes. As we drove up to our first pick-up they were stood in front of their hotel looking up at the sky. Read more

The night sky – February 2015

For stargazers and Northern Lights hunters, February 2015 will be an extremely exciting month. Combining stargazing via powerful telescope with your Northern Lights hunt is sure to deliver a lot more memorable experience. Read on to see what’s up with the planets, meteor showers and deep sky phenomena and even fireballs in the coming month. Read more

Comet Lovejoy

As mentioned in our Night Sky schedule for January 2015, the highlight of this month will be the passing of Comet Lovejoy. But, what is Comet Lovejoy? where is it from? What is it made of and what is so special about this Comet at this moment in time? Read on to quench your thirst for knowledge. Read more