Iceland from above – South Coast

Watch this amazing footage of Iceland in 4K if you can. Filmed by Dima Balakirev using a drone, you can expect a similar view on one of our Free Flying tours 🙂 Ask us about our special photography tours from above in one simple click right here.

See more of Balakirev’s beautiful filming and photography on his webpage here.

Holuhraun Volcano

When flying in and out of Iceland make sure you get a window seat. You just might get a glimpse of the Holuhraun eruption in Bárðarbunga. In the picture above you see the Northern Lights and the glow from the volcanic eruption reflected in Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon. Read more

Photogenic Land

Photographers love Iceland. It’s all about how the sunlight hits the earth at a perfectly photogenic angle. The dancing nightsky, erupting earth, vibrant contrasts and lovely locals don’t hurt I’m sure 😉 Read more